John Gaskell Planning Consultants commenced in 2005 and since then has established an excellent reputation of providing high quality and honest planning advice, and achieving good planning outcomes for clients.

We pride ourselves on our planning integrity. We have a clear understanding of each project, a focus on facts, and strong support for a successful client outcome.

We offer a range of services including:

  • preparing, lodging and managing development applications;
  • providing development advice and due diligence reports;
  • preparing strategic and local plans;
  • formulating policy;
  • drafting planning schemes; and
  • acting as expert town planning witnesses in the Planning and Environment Court, and Land Court.

We have a range of Clients including:

  • the ‘Mum and Dad’ applicants who require assistance in obtaining an approval for a house renovation or new house build;
  • non-for profit organisations requiring approvals for schools, residential care and retirement facilities, and affordable housing projects;
  • developers seeking approvals for residential, industrial and commercial uses, and subdivisions;
  • large companies seeking approvals for significant multi storey mixed use developments, extractive industry uses, and shopping centres;
  • Local and State government agencies seeking policy and planning scheme formulation, preparation of strategic and local plans, and assessment of development applications;
  • lawyers and government agencies seeking expert town planning witness services.